When to Use Fixed Safety Lines

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When passive height protection systems aren’t feasible, or do not provide adequate protection, a fixed safety lifeline can provide an alternative. Fixed safety lines protect workers performing tasks on top of equipment or buildings and prevent dangerous and potentially fatal falls from occurring.

Overhead horizontal lifelines are a good option when you need a flexible and convenient solution that allows workers to maximise mobility. With our lifeline systems, team members can complete tasks hands-free and span long distances without needing to stop and reconnect to a new anchor point.

Fixed lifelines are particularly useful in industrial settings such as vehicle maintenance, warehousing, construction and engineering. Fixed lines can be used for jobs that require access to areas which would be too dangerous to reach unprotected such as in cleaning, maintenance and inspection tasks.

Types of Fixed Safety Lifelines

Safety lifelines come in many forms, including horizontal and vertical systems. Finding the right lifeline depends on the setting and the job in question. For example, overhead vertical lifelines are often used in vehicle maintenance scenarios, while rooftop work may require a horizontal system.

Don’t Forget Training

Safety lifelines are specialist equipment and require training before use. Everyone involved in tasks that use safety lifelines (including management teams) should take part in rigorous training before the task gets underway. This ensures that users and managers are aware of all potential hazards and know how to use equipment safely.

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