Height Safety: Using Overhead Lifeline Systems

How to Use Overhead Lifeline Systems Safely

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Where guardrails or other passive height protection systems are not feasible, an overhead lifeline system can provide safe access. They protect workers performing tasks on top of equipment and are useful in industrial settings such as vehicle maintenance and warehousing.

Overhead horizontal lifelines offer a flexible and convenient solution and allow workers to maximise mobility as well as safety. Team members can complete tasks hands-free and span long distances without needing to stop and reconnect to a new anchor point. Crucially, overhead lifelines give employees peace of mind that a potentially fatal fall will be safely arrested.

Key safety points:

  • Only consider working at height when a risk assessment deems no alternative solution is viable.  At this point, determine what height safety equipment is necessary. Equipment will either reduce the risk of a fall or arrest a fall if it’s still a possibility.
  • Horizontal lifelines are specialist equipment. While they are easy to use, a qualified and competent person should supervise their installation and use at all times.
  • Assess fall clearance areas to ensure fall arrest occurs before the user comes into contact with equipment, lighting or other structures.
  • Source your access equipment from a reputable supplier. Ensure overhead lifelines are strong, durable, corrosion resistant and conform to EN standards.
  • Carry out maintenance inspections of your overhead safety on a regular basis. This should be at least every 12 months (or more for heavy use) as well as after fall situations.
  • All operatives using overhead safety lines should take part in rigorous training. This ensures they are fully aware of all potential hazards and know how to use equipment safely.


How HITEWORX can help

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