Has Your Lightning Conductor System Been Tested Recently?

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It’s well known that tall buildings are particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes. If your building is struck by lightning, damage can be both structural and internal. Electrical wiring and computer systems are also at risk. A lightning conductor protection system is vital – regular testing makes sure it’s up to the job of keeping your building safe for all.


Why Does My System Need Testing?

Just like all your height safety systems, your building’s lightning protection and static earthing systems need regular testing to ensure they remain effective. Without rigorous testing, your people and premises are at risk. Regular maintenance also means you are protecting your investment and the system’s overall performance.

Lightning strikes are often unpredictable, so your system needs to be ready to rise the challenge every time it’s called into action. Testing and maintaining your system regularly ensures that any necessary repairs can be made without delay.


How Often Should You Test Lightning Conductor Systems?

British Standards stipulate that you should test lightning conductor protection systems every 12 months at a minimum. However, for improved accuracy we recommend tests every 10-11 months. Climatic conditions such as the weather and ground temperature can impact tests, so varying the testing month gives greater testing accuracy over time.


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