Contractor Receives Suspended Sentence for Unsafe Working at Height

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A roofing contractor has been sentenced to a suspended jail term and 200 hours unpaid work after failing to take adequate precautions to prevent his workers falling from height and for breaching an HSE Prohibition Notice in April 2018.

Llandudno Magistrates’ Court heard how in April 2018 workers were observed working on the roof of a domestic two-storey house in Wrexham with no edge protection.

A prohibition notice was issued preventing further work until control measures were put in place, but the contractor chose to ignore it and carried on working.

An HSE investigation found that the contractor allowed his workers to be exposed to a continuing risk of falling from the roof, with potential for fatal or major injury.

The contractor pleaded guilty to safety breaches and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, plus 200 hours unpaid work.

He was also ordered to pay a contribution of £4,000 towards the costs.

Speaking after the case HSE principal inspector Paul Harvey said “This was a serious incident and it is fortunate nobody was injured as a result of it.

“There are well known standards in the construction industry for controlling risks from falls from height. Even when the dutyholder was served a prohibition notice to stop the activity they failed to take the appropriate action.

“HSE will not hesitate to take enforcement action against those that disregard enforcement notices when served or fail to take appropriate measures to control well known risks.”

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