Bespoke Mobile Platforms for Safe Working

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Whether you’re working on buildings, vehicles or machinery, mobile platforms are a highly adaptable way to access hard-to-reach areas. Often, mobile working platforms need unique features to make them safe and easy to use. HITEWORX offer a complete service on bespoke working platforms so we can tailor a solution unique to your requirements.

Types of Mobile Working Platforms

  • Low level, folding or multi-level
  • Fixed or adjustable height
  • Servicing platforms
  • Overhead gantries

What Sectors Do We Work With?

We work with a wide range of industries including: aerospace, military, railways, automation, fleet maintenance, processing plants and manufacturing. Whatever industry you’re in, if you need a mobile working platform, we can help. Here are some examples from our customers:


Manufacturing plants require a range of industrial platforms to cover access and egress to the plant. Smaller mobile safety platforms are often used to gain access to mobile processing equipment or storage vessels. As with any industry, these platforms and walkways increase the efficiency and safety of all processes. They provide increased protection, welfare and satisfaction for personnel.

Fleet Maintenance

In the automation and fleet maintenance industry there are many requirements for safe access solutions. Whether it’s putting the finishing touches to a completed vehicle, or on an assembly line, a whole host of platforms and maintenance walkways are required.

Fleet maintenance platforms and gantries are often required to assist in fast turnaround with repetitive tasks or where inspections are carried out regularly. These platforms and gantries increase efficiency, staff safety and minimise down time.


The military use an extensive range of access platforms in their course of duty. These range from individual platforms to gantries and maintenance steps. We offer complete confidentiality when assessing projects from this sector.

Our Service

With HITEWORX, you can rest assured your project will be in safe hands from start to finish. We start with a free survey to assess your requirements before our design team get to work. When needed, we’ll build and install your system, taking care to minimise disruption to your site. After installation, we offer full staff training and will inspect and certify to guarantee you’re up to standard.

Talk to one of the HITEWORX team today on: 0333 234 1801. Or make an enquiry online and one of our access systems experts will get back to you.